Reach Exercise and Nutrition Goals

Reach Exercise and Nutrition Goals

You know the adage, it’s the journey, not the destination? It’s REALLY HARD for people to adhere to that idea when they are thinking about reaching their ideal weight. And the way weight loss, fitness, health, and diet advertisements cater to this “end goal” doesn’t help.

We are inundated with sculpted bodies and magnificent testimonials: The narrative might change characters (not much), but it pretty much carries the story from damned-to-saved through exercise, eating kale, or some other radical life changes.

The mom-of-five who runs Iron Mans.
The burned-out executive who decides to get healthy, then finds enlightenment, leaving a seven-figure job to grow organic leafy greens.

Americans love these dream stories, as they define what is something that we believe is essential to our national character – any adversity can be overcome, and anything is possible. We’re not trying to be negative, but those huge success stories (end results) fail to talk about setbacks and struggles. They fail to talk about the small triumphs of normal, everyday life. And, ultimately, they don’t mention the daily adjustments, modifications made to reach this destination — the small steps.

Most of our patients have strived to improve their nutrition and health status, only to find barrier after barrier. Then, feeling overwhelmed by information, demoralized about their bodies, they often feel helpless.

Small steps can make a world of difference in your health and life. Here are some tips on how to eat and exercise better, to prepare you for a life of wellness, one step (one bite)

at a time.

Goal: I want to eat healthier.
First step: Increase your fruit and vegetable intake.

Make no other change. Replace chips with chopped carrots and hummus. Instead of a plate of ice cream, top fresh berries with vanilla yogurt. Pay attention to how your body feels. Pay attention to your energy levels and gut health. And celebrate the small change until you’re ready for another.

Goal: I want to get in shape.
First step: Find ways to walk more.

Walk to the mailbox and back. Walk to the corner market. Walk your kids to school. Take public transportation (which always means walking to and from the bus stop). Park at the last space in the parking lot. Pretty soon, those long walks will feel short. Then you’re ready for the next step.

I want to feel more comfortable with my body.
First step: Write down five things you love about your body.

Body self-esteem is a big part of physical and emotional health, and improving the way you feel about your body in the era of photoshop and body hate is tough. It’s so hard to get through the barrage of terrible information from a billion-dollar diet industry that profits off body hate. Improving body self-esteem doesn’t happen overnight. Take small steps to recover body self-esteem and build compassion. Shedding shame from disordered eating takes time.

Goal: I want to improve my posture.
First step: Sit better.

Improving your core strength is as simple as … sitting well.  We have become a nation of professional sitters. Feet should be flat on the floor (or get a little stool for your feet. There should be a small gap between your knees and the chair. Support your lower back. Add ten minutes each night, while watching TV, of sitting up straight. Pay attention to your core strength, your belly, your lower back.

Small steps lead to big changes. So, start today with that first step toward your health, nutrition, and fitness goals. You’ll be surprised about the changes to come.